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The Quag Hopper by amurderofcrowws The Quag Hopper by amurderofcrowws
The Quag Hopper

A monster(fan-character?) I made up for the Monster Blood Tattoo series.

As well of the Duke of Rabbits, The Duke of Crows, The Duke of Sparrows and The Dutchess of Buterflies, I imagined there being a Duke of Frogs, maybe residing in the Ichormeer, who would rule over amphibians as well as small and aquatic reptiles.
I imagined The Quag Hopper to be one of it's semi-direct underlings.

The Quag Hopper is an nicker, and omnivoreous, so while it will feast on the plentiful plants and fungus of the swamps, humans are just as- or more likely even more so- delectable. It is not as directly malevolent as many of it's kin, however, and if not too hungry, will possibly be willing to chat to those brave or stupid enough to approach it. It's skin secrets mild toxins that will irritate the skin, and like all most monsters, is immensly strong.

This was done for the competition in the Monster Blood Tattoo group. I was happy to do this as a slightl uncomplete sketch, since in the series is littered with unfinished illustrations and sketches done by D.M.Cornish himself.

The Quag Hopper belongs to me. Moster Blood Tattoo belongs to D.M.Cornish.
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December 23, 2012
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